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WGJ Dev Tycoon is our submission to Weekly Game Jam #100

Theme: 100

WGJ Dev Tycoon is a game about making game jams. As a gamedev you'll have three main actions to do:

  • Work on the game.  This will consume energy, but make progress on the game.
  • Sleep. A dev needs energy.
  • Go outside. WHAT? Yeah, you have to go outside from time to time too... you know ... to research the market, learn what your audience wants, right?

Complete games each week, and get tons of followers. The clock is ticking!

Authors: ViktorRKraus (Soundcloud),  dasPanjo & jvolonte


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

WGJ Dev Tycoon WIN.zip 32 MB
WGJ Dev Tycoon Linux.zip 37 MB
WGJ Dev Tycoon MAC.zip 50 MB


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Watch Weekly Game Jam 100 Feedback from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv


Visuals and sound were really well done! I wish I got as many followers per game as you do in this game! Also liked the coding minigame, though I would have preferred to be able to just hold buttons down to "type"

I didn't understand the music minigame initially. Because the orange notes caused my combo to go down at the start, I thought I had to avoid them. Does hitting oranges notes with a 10/10 combo give more music progress?


Hey thanks for the lovely feedback! :)

Yeah, when you hit the orange note it completes your combo, which means, you gather a skill point for your game. But maybe that should have been made more clear, hmm.