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Great job! Had so much fun competing with a friend for the lowest time. Thank you very much!

This game was fun. Not too easy, but not too challenging. Great work :D


I really enjoyed it :-)

Something that I think would make it really great would be random level generation (assuming that isn't what is already happening) as then it would literally be endless, as much as you want to play.

Regardless, it's very good!

PATIENCE TESTER!! | Rollaround

This game was really really good! enjoyed this! :D i love cool games like this and you nailed this perfectly! good job :D

Awesome game, just tried it out. Managed 8:32. Very good level design!

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I just played this game and recorded it, I wont put it in here bc of certain words that were said but good game! I got super angry at parts and now I have to play all the way up to where I left off but great game all in all. I was on the last part

Great game dude!

I finished in 8:38

I loved the game!

My fist attempt

That's a pretty good time!

Thank you for playing :)

My gameplay

Finish game?

Hey Fred,

thank you for playing and sharing the gameplay! It really helps to see where people may have trouble.

I just released a new Version of the game with more content and improved movement.
The game also saves your best time now!

Make sure to check it out if you have time!

Thanks for your time,


I'll play again, yes.
Did I arrive at the end of the game?


The new version has a proper end screen